British Orienteering has a long tradition of competing in and staging successful international events. The World Championships have been staged in Great Britain twice: in 1976 and 1999. Once again British Orienteering is excited and pleased to welcome international orienteering to the challenging, inspiring and unique terrain found in the Highlands of Scotland.

Martin Ward
Chair, British Orienteering

Athlete Photos

Alasdair McLeod SHI Relay 2014, Credit:ActivNorth

You can use any of these images in publications as long as you credit the source. Click/tap to preview and download a larger version.

Info and photos of Scottish athletes is also available on the Scottish Elite Develoment Squad website

For information and photos of all International athletes visit WorldofO.com athlete database.

20th May

Entry Deadline

31st May is the deadline for:

  • All Teams to have entered the number of athletes and officials (IOF WOC Rule 9.6).  Late entries may be refused (Rule 9.1).
  • Entries from IOF Council, Commissions or National Federation personnel who wish to be accredited.
  • Booking Transport Package

20th May  

Traditional map reading skills are not lost to schools

Schools inspired by World Championships, Credit:www.insideMoray.com

World Championships inspiring a new generation to map and compass

Organisers of the World Orienteering Championships being held in the Highlands of Scotland this summer have acknowledged the concerns expressed over children no longer routinely learning basic map reading skills in schools.

14th May  

Training Areas

Kingussie map

Competitions and Training May/July

These areas are available from May through to end of July, 2015.

Some will have controls placed, but most don't.

See below for the areas, relevant information and preferred parking.

Many of the areas are within approximately 30km of Inverness, some urban areas are near Glasgow & Edinburgh Airports.

Click/select a map image to see a larger version.

11th May  

Excitement builds as the world navigates to the Highlands

Moray schools have caught the Orienteering bug, Credit:Stuart Crowther

Public catching on to World Orienteering championships

Communities from throughout the Highland and Moray regions are being informed and encouraged to play their part in one of Scotland’s major sporting events of the year.

06th May  

What does a World Orienteering Championships look like

Video showing the highlights from WOC 2014 in Italy. It gives you an idea of the scale, excitement, variety of terrain and so what to expect when the World Orienteering Championships come to Scotland.

Direct link to YouTube video

24th Apr

Scotland the Perfect Stage

Based in Inverness, Scotland, WOC 2015 will utilise the fantastic terrain that this region has to offer. From the Moray coastal towns to the rugged forests and mountains of the Highlands, the challenges that these areas present will produce worthy world champions.

  • Unique heritage, scenery and culture
  • First staged the World Orienteering Championships in 1976 and again in 1999
  • Substantial support from the local community: EventScotland, Highland Council

World Class Terrain

The terrain provided is physically and technically demanding, and will be rewarding to compete in. All this is set against the fantastic natural backdrop of the Highlands of Scotland.

The forest venues offer a range of challenges from rugged hilly ancient Caledonian Forest, with semi open terrain, contour and rock detail, to the flatter complex moraine terrain of the Moray coast.

The sprint venues offer urban areas with roads and small alleyways, parkland with sections of ornamental gardens, and community woodlands containing many paths and tracks.



International Development Programme

The organisers of WOC 2015 are committed to making a minimum of £30,000 available for a development programme to help the International Orienteering Federation develop the sport. It is anticipated that this will be used to assist less advantaged Federations prepare for and attend WOC 2015.

Live TV Production

We wish to maximise the exposure of orienteering and see the WOC as an ideal opportunity to showcase our sport through traditional and new social media. To help achieve this we have secured a budget to provide live TV coverage expected of the WOC.

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